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I am currently still developing the site and adding content and therefore the site is subject to change visibly until the final design is set.

You will find plenty of information about me here, including links to my social media, YouTube/twitch channel. You will also find information in regards to other websites that I run and links to them.

Along with my social media and YouTube content you will find some professional stuff about me, and hobby stuff.

Please check out all of my site, and have a read at some of my articles.

Film making | Acting

I love cinema, the consumption of fine cinematic art made me realise that there is joy both as a viewer and as an actor. Acting is a small passion of mine, and I yearn for more opportunities to do so, here is my current up-to-date list of roles.

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Blog | Articles

I like to write about some of my hobbies like weightlifting/bodybuilding, and about other things that interest me. You can read about these topics on my blog page

YouTube | Twitch

Gaming is a hobby of mine, and I really enjoy live streaming it whenever I have the chance. Not only that I also enjoy making YouTube videos too. Check out my YouTube channel and Twitch channel below

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