Thank you for visiting my blog, here I will post about stuff that interests me, my hobbies, including but not limited to fitness, playing instruments and some video games. I am also a student in the field of IT/Software Development. I am quite ambitious and have already begun some developing, starting with my first game, currently this game is it its most primitive state and I am currently doing the conceptual art, (art being another hobby of my having studied it in highschool). Once the basic concept is ready I will begin story boarding and designing the game.

Though I already have a fair idea of how the game will go it is one thing to think and another to do. So as it stands the game is merely an infant with much developing to be done.

Aside from that nerdy stuff I am also quite interested in fitness as I have previously mentioned, aswell as posting devblogs I also plan on writing about my fitness progress, particularly my currently quite novice powerlifting stats. I am no Taylor Atwood ready to set a world record squat, but I am certainly training.

Thanks for reading this little bit about me, if you would like to check out some of my other posts feel free to do so.