Going from a measly 45kg triple to being about to do 100kg triple (110kg 1rm) deadlift in 2 months was certainly no easy feat. Having never stepped inside a gym before and my previous training experience being nothing heavy at all it was quite a roadtrip. But here’s how it all went anyways..

Newbie in the gym

Starting out in the gym is always the hardest part, going through the doors for the first time, checking in and seeing all the new people you will be sharing iron with. It is quite overwhelming, everybody is bigger than you, stronger than you, more experienced, but after the first day it is all uphill. Having a well structured program to guide you through your workouts really helps, especially as a beginner, I am still a beginner myself even, I know how it helps. Personally my workouts all focused on compound lifts for the first month. Perfecting the form was my first hurdle, having the benefit of a great friend to help you with this may have been a cheat, but if you have a friend who knows their stuff then drag them along, it will help. After I had somewhat perfected my form I was ready to begin properly training without worrying about hurting myself.

After practicing with the barbell and getting my friend to spot my form with deadlifts, I added my first bit of weight to the bar. Starting off I added only 10 kilos, after doing 30kgx5 I added 10 more to do 40kgx5. At this point I could feel that I was already hitting my limit. I then added 5 kilos to perform a 45kg triple. While not even my body weight (then being only around 57kg), It was still a good feeling having never lifted anything quite as heavy before. I could feel at this point that my grip was holding me back a lot also so I switched to a hook grip for my heavier sets.

Hitting new PR’s

Next week came and so I loaded up the bar again. 45kg easily for 5 reps, then 50kg only to hit a new PR of 60kgx1. Though again my grip failing me on these heavier reps, even making hook grip quite difficult. The next week my 1rm hit 80kg and the next 90kg, by the start of May my 1rm was 95kg. In only one month I had added 50kg onto my deadlift and my grip strength had increased significantly to the point that were my grip was failing, and struggling with even a hook grip I could now easily lift it with a regular double overhand.

Everything wasn’t perfect, when I hit 95kg things plataeu’d. The weight began to feel glued to the floor, and even adding 2.5kg to the bar it wouldn’t budge. So for the next 3 weeks I did nothing but accessories and speed pulls. 3 weeks was probably too much time, but, on June 7th, 2019 I was ready. I loaded up the bar after completing my warm up sets; 100kg (2 plates). Hoping to pull for 1 rep I walked to the bar, readied myself and UP it went, the glue had melted and the bar slid right up my legs, after reseting I tried again, and then again. Getting a 2 plate deadlift for the first time felt great.. Now its time to hit 3 plates. My current 1rm is 115kg hence the title, there’s no click bait here;)


Thank you for reading my post, please consider reading some more of my blog posts here. Also please leave a comment and share your first gym experiences, everybody has one, provided you use a public gym. If you are considering getting a gym member ship I hope that this somewhat encourages you to do so. I probably could have added much more onto my deadlift provided I trained harder. Also taking off 3 weeks to do accessories probably wasn’t the best move either. Regardless I have been quite happy with my results and hope to follow up this post when I hit 140kg on the deadlift.